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(Syarikat Pengedar Susu Tepung / Bahan Dadih / Minyak Sapi)
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Product TestimonialsWhat Clients Say About Out Products

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

We are very pleased with Prime Lac suppliers, as they are very honest and punctual in their supplies. We prepare a lot of Yogurt, Mango Lassi, Labneh, Zabadi and Gishta for our 5 star Arabic restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Their L50 Yogurt Creamer is truly superb for our applications.
Posted By: Mr.Salman Alhoshan
Arabian Fine Dining KL
I must thank Prime Lac suppliers, for their assistance and guidance to make yogurt with L50 milk powder. They were very helpful and patient until our staffs mastered the method of making the best quality yogurt and lassi drinks at minimal costs. Today we are famous for our Sweet lassi and fresh yogurt at our shop. We also pack in 200gm plastic packets for walk-in customers and small stall restaurants nearby.
Posted By: Mr.Jalal Khan
Restaurant Owner Penang
It is difficult and expensive to get fresh milk supplies in the city. Upon advice, I switched to L50 yogurt milk powder to obtain my regular yogurt and moru supplies for my restaurant needs. The yogurt (curd) turns out thick and tasty. Above all, it cost me much lesser than cow's fresh milk. My customers' commented that our yogurt is delicious without the strong sour taste. Non of the customer's would believe that my yogurt is made from L50 milk powder. Let it be a trade secret! And thanks to Prime Lac suppliers!!!
Posted By: Mr.K.Ramuloo
Indian Restaurant Owner Ipoh.
The dairy products from Prime Lac are very suitable for my restaurant and sweets making. They are punctual in their services and their products priced reasonable. They always update us on the price structure which often fluctuates.
Posted By: Rajendar Singh (KL)
Restaurant Owner KL
I am extremely contented with the services of Prime Lac suppliers. I am a Punjabi sweets manufacturer, and I found their milk powder very suitable for my Sweets applications. They deliver to my doorstep whenever a request order is made.
Posted By: Mdm.Harminder Kaur
Punjabi Sweets Maker

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