(Syarikat Pengedar Susu Tepung / Bahan Dadih / Minyak Sapi)
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Suitable for Coffee/Tea and milk based beverages. L50 is also suitable and convenient for home-made yogurt preparations. Primel L50 comes in 1kg aluminium foil in a box packing of (1kgx10pcs). The milk powder is formulated with low fats content to suit all adults and children above 5 years. Malaysian HALAL certified.  It has a special distinctive milk taste which will be enjoyed by all in the family.

Fonterra Milk:  We have 3 different specifications of NZMP Fonterra Milk, which is Instant, Full cream and Skim.  Fully Imported from New Zealand, it comes in an Industrial bag packing of 25kg. The quality of Fonterra is world renowned and suitable for most milk food applications based on their specifications.