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(Syarikat Pengedar Susu Tepung / Bahan Dadih / Minyak Sapi)
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  • Can I get a product sample? +

    Yes. Email your address and contact information. We will then make arrangements to despatch the sample to you.
  • What is L50 Yoghurt Creamer and it's usage popularity? +

    for the preparations of Yogurt and Lassi drinks. It is also largely used in the commercial L50 Creamer is the Milk Powder which is formulated especially production of Punjabi, Indian, Arabian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi, sweets and confectionaries. Unlike other powders, this pure milk powder does not contain any of the non-necessary added vitamins thus, making the costs price lower and commercially viable. It is imported from New Zealand and repacked in Malaysia. Economically popular for commercial usage purposes.
  • Do the Middle-eastern and Punjabis who use your products feel satisfied? +

    Yes, Arabian ,Indian, Punjabi and even African restaurants use the L50 Creamer extensively due to it's unique milk taste. We have testimonies and feedbacks. Call us for details.
  • Is there a money back guarantee? +

    L50 Yoghurt Creamer, L10 and Primel L50 - carries a money back guarantee. Should you be not satisfied with the above products, you could return the unused powder and get a refund. However, this does not apply to Fonterra Brands.
  • What is the big difference between PRIME LAC and other suppliers? +

    PRICE , SERVICE and QUALITY CONSISTENCY makes the difference. Milk powders are vulnerable to odours and flavours. We take great effort to make sure our products are hygienecally stored and delivered intact without a trace of any offending flavours or odours, at a competitive wholesale price.
  • What is repacked Milk Powder and is it cheaper? +

    Repacked milk powder is actually the original contents from the 25kg milk bag and repacked into smaller 1kg or 500gm plastic packets, as per customers' request, for an effective stock control reasons. Repacking can be arranged for any 25kg Milk powder brands, upon request, for a nominal cost. We don’t carry ready stocks.
  • What is Primel L50 (1kg) and it's suitability? +

    Primel L50 is very suitable for mixing coffee, tea, milo or milk. Homogenous in texture, it blends well with all milk requiring beverages. Being Full cream the milk is also very suited for the preparations of home-made yogurt and lassi. Low fats content at 19.2%. Packed in an aluminium foil of 1kg packing. Box packing: (1kg x 10 packets).
  • Can we purchase the products at the Company premises? +

    No, we do not have any sales outlet at the store premises. However, you can purchase or collect the goods from our agent outlets. Prior arrangements would be helpful. Call for details.
  • How is the delivery of goods if it is out of Kuala Lumpur and do you impose any charges? +

    Goods are delivered by our company vehicles to all over the country, following our schedule dates. No charges are imposed on scheduled date deliveries.
  • How is the payment mode? +

    Payment can be made by either Cash bank-in, Company cheque or internet fund transfer.
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